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  • Sanitation is one single factor responsible for the contraction of ailments like cholera, typhoid and others like dysentery. Sanitation covers all the hygiene that the communities may have in an effort to promote good practices of healthy living; It as well covers areas such as sewage systems and disposal of sewage, handling and treatment of food and food products for public and private consumption including water and its treatment.
  • While it is easy to assume that these aspects are catered for, most of South Africa may be vulnerable to these as not every place is very well connected by sewage systems that are modern and sufficient and professional services from hygiene officers and inspectors are not sufficient enough. Therefore people in the communities in South Africa have to be informed of the need and educated by hygiene professionals on proper food handling especially for children to avoid infections of diseases such as those mentioned above.
  • Going by numbers and according to statistics compiled by CASH, more than four people out of every ten in the locations/townships in South Africa risk contracting ailments related to poor sanitation alone. This is a real threat to the communities which must be curbed to ensure a safer and peaceful living for our people.


  • In the light of the above circumstances, it’s our appeal and plea to all those world peace loving citizen to chip in a coin to enable our communities in South Africa also to experience a life and be saved from common killer diseases as a result of not only HIV/AIDs but as well poor sanitation which continually harasses and kills our loved ones. This leaves orphans and broken families with no parents for the children to fall back on or even leads to an upsurge in the number of street children. These are the most dangerous effects that are being experienced on a daily basis.
  • Please kindly think about these kids left behind as a consequence of the death of their parents resulting from HIV/AIDs or poor Sanitation systems and chip in a coin as it can make a great difference in their lives.
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